Month: October 2022

(X) Life

Lifestyle shows can be fun, but they never tell you everything. Should They?

Episode 204 – Systems, Cycleles & MOU’s

Our organizations have complex systems, and when something isn’t quite right in those systems can break down. THEN it’s a never ending repair cycle.  Could an MOU help? Maybe, for a short time. Another new episode […]

Systems, cycles and MOU’s

In our complex organizational systems, we have cycles of effort that repeat themselves. How should you handle those cycles?

Episode 203 – The Insanity of Medicare

It was the experience of Shock and Awe when I was first exposed to all the details surrounding receiving Medicare at retirement.  Another new episode of the Peluso Presents Podcast!

The Insanity of Medicare

I thought Medicare was supposed to be an easy solution for healthcare for seniors. Boy was I wrong.