Month: April 2022

Episode 191 – Things You Need To Experience In Life To Truly Understand Them

There are some things in life you can learn by reading about them, attending, a class, or hearing about it.  For other things, to understand them, truly understand them, you have to experience it first […]

Things You Need to Experience in Life to Truly Understand Them

Payments that go on forever, Cohabitation, Kids, there are some things you can’t really understand until you have experienced them yourself!

Episode 190 – Can We Make Every Job a Government Job? (But Not Like That)

Government has issues for sure.  There is one area where government usually out performs the private sector by a wide margin: Employee Benefits.  This show asks: Is it possible to get Gov’t style benefits into […]

Can We Make Every Job a Government Job? (but not like that)

What if we could take the best parts of having a government job, and spread them across the whole private sector?