Month: February 2021

The Pro’s and Con’s of Organized Social Groups

Adult Sororities, Groups like Rotary Clubs, and other organized social groups have pro’s and con’s. You have to decide if they are good or bad for you!

Episode 160 – The Catch 22 of the Purple Squirrel

The Purple Squirrel, or more precisely the Purple Squirrel Candidate is the idea that the perfect person for a job is impossible to find.  Technically anyone can be a Purple Squirrel for a job that […]

The Catch 22 of the Purple Squirrel

Being a Purple Squirrel is both BAD and GOOD.

Episode 159 – Trends

There are long term trends all around us.  Often they aren’t easy to see.  If we train ourselves to be aware of them, they can not only give us insight, but also give us valuable […]